This Day in History

US President Truman Signs Executive Order Desegregating Military (1948)
Expanding on 1941's Executive Order 8802, which prohibited discrimination in the defense industry, Order 9981 required that all persons in the armed forces be treated equally without regard to race or other factors. It also called for the establishment of an advisory committee to facilitate the implementation of this policy. The order eliminated segregation in the armed forces within years, though racism was another matter entirely. What historically black boot camp was eliminated by Order 9981? Discuss

Bob Dylan Plugs In (1965)
At the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, erstwhile acoustic folk musician Bob Dylan performed with an electric guitar for the first time, marking a major shift in his career. The move did not go over well. Expecting an acoustic set like his two previous ones at Newport, the audience was caught off guard by Dylan's apparent betrayal of the folk genre, and some fans booed him loudly. His first appearance at the festival, in 1963, constituted his premiere national performance. Who invited him to play?

First Ascent of the Eiger's North Face (1938)
Switzerland's Eiger mountain was first summited in 1858, but the sheer north face of the 13,025-foot (3,970-m) Alpine peak was not successfully climbed until 1938, when two independent pairs of climbers met on the face, joined forces, and reached the summit as a team. It has been climbed many times since, sadly with many fatalities, which, due to the cliff's high visibility, occur in full view of nearby villages. Since 1935, how many people have died climbing the Eiger's so-called Murder Wall?