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Married 2
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Mary Aleman
June 12, 1964 Audit Manager - USPS OIG Single Again
Had a really good time at the reunion - great to see everyone again!! Can't wait until the next one.  Keep in touch if you care to:) Send Mary a MessageSend Mary a Message
Rob Alfaro
Profile picture
Profile picture
November 18, 1963 abused convienence store clerk Committed Relationship 1 weiner dog(Emilee) 2 cats Well hmm,Besides gettin better lookin every day and of course having to carry a stick to fight off the hundreds of super models tryin to \\\\\\\"get me\\\\\\\".Not other than all that,lol I have become SOOO very happy since My Christine has come into my heart and life!!!!! All good on our home front out west now= COLORADO
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Kent Allen
December 15, 1963 Manager of Operations/Washington University St. Louis Married 2
My wife Malinda and I have two dauthers Taylor 13 and Haley 10. We have lived in Columbia , IL. for the last 16 years. Send Kent a MessageSend Kent a Message
Darren Angle
September 23, 1964 Married 2
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Becky Antoff
January 04, 1964 Hair Stylist Divorced 1
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Pam Arle
Senior Manager of Payroll at Charter Communications Married 1 Box 2 Chocolate Labs, Bear and Sassy Living and working in St. Louis. My husband and I bought a farm up by Mark Twain Lake, so we are enjoying ourselves up there as often as possible. I have two beautiful grand-daughters and am enjoying life.
Sorry I can't make the 25th reunion.  I hope everyone has lots of fun! Send Pam a MessageSend Pam a Message
Larry Arnold
December 03, 1964 leg tech. facebook Married 3 2 boxer
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Cassy-Lynn Barton
August 09, 1964 Registered nurse Married 2 Hildreth
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Sandra Basler
March 30, 1964 Wholesale Florist Sales & Spanish Interpretor Married 2 Sandra Mendoza Maggie-Anne (shihtzu)

Enjoying life with a wonderful husband, my 2 kids, son-in-law and 2 AWESOME GRANDSONS!!!  I love being Nana (watch it with the "granny" jokes guys!!). Went back to school and FINALLY came out with a couple degrees and working on one in Floral Design (Just can't get away from school)!!
Missed out on the last reunion.  Looking forward to the next hope there will be a nice turn out.

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