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Steven Odom
September 14, 1964 Service Manager Married 2 cat was not able to attend the 25th, was out of town for my job. Just working, enjoying family life, been married for 26 years, children active in school band and sports. Look forward to seeing classmates at the 30 year.
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Vince Paschedag
March 20, 1964 Network Engineer Married 3 Jack Russell Terrier named Patches Working and enjoying life.
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Diane Pedigo
Accountant Married 7 Siler
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Sandie Pena
December 16, 1964 AVP Branch Operations Married 2 Laster

The pictures of the reunion and social were great! I tried to guess who everyone was - some were far easier than others. I am looking forward to seeing you all at the 30th - or maybe before then.
To all of you responsible for this website,
THANK YOU!!! This is such a great thing.

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Deborah Pentland
Profile picture
Profile picture
January 15, 1964 Pharmacist Married 5 Reeves Golden Retriever, Munster, Boo and Peanut Now I'm busy with my 5 kids, ages 5-24. The boys (3) are in hockey and soccer. Oldest two (Drew and Carly) are in college at the St. Louis College of Pharmacy. We follow Blues Hockey. Little Elle is 5 years old.
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Tim Phelps
Controller Married 3

Have not missed a reunion yet (10/20/25)! Best wished to all.

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Roxanne Portell
April 21, 1964 Realtor/Broker Married 2 Aleksandrian 1 Dog- Skittles
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Rob Puhse
Profile picture
Profile picture
December 28, 1964 MIS Manager - Logistics Applications (Schnuck Markets Inc.) Married 2 I live in St. Charles, Missouri. Married Stephanie in 1995 and we have 2 beautiful girls (Amanda is 8 & Megan is 6). We both work at the corporate office for Schnucks. I've been doing a lot of running to stay in shape (did my first marathon in St. Louis - April 2007!). I bowl every Tuesday with my mom out at Bowland (300 game in 2002!). Haven't seen many classmates over the years - looking forward to catching up with everyone.
25th reunion was a lot of fun.  Hope to keep in better contact with everyone.  Looking forward to the 30th - hope there is a huge turnout. Send Rob a MessageSend Rob a Message
Jerry Robins
April 09, 1964 IT Project Manager Married 2 2 dogs, Trinity and Rowdy
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Dynette Rogier
August 25, 1964 substitute teacher Married 2 Shrader 1 cat I stopped working full-time when my oldest was born. I've been a sustitute teacher for 11 years now and I love it!
I'm happily living in Glen Carbon with my wonderful husband of 22 years.  We have a 20 year old son and an 18 year old daughter.  Both children will be away at college very soon so we're about to be empty nesters! Send Dynette a MessageSend Dynette a Message
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