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Carla Ponce (Rooney)
Mortgage Loan Underwriter Committed Relationship 2 Andrews
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Annette Rose
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Barberette Divorced 2 Barnes I currently work at Salon JB and will graduate in May 2012 with a Certificate of Proficiency in Deaf Studies. My son Nick, lives in Dallas and works as a physical therapy and personal trainer. My son Ian, is in the Army and station state side.
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Linda Sarich
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April 26, 1964 Single A Basset/beagle mix named Scamper; and a cat named Puddin. I missed all of the reunions to date, but I intend on going to the big 30 reunion, and look foward to seeing everyone again. Are we sure that it is already the 30th reunion??? I mean really; I know I can't be that OLD!


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Olivia Scaros
September 13, 1964 Medical writer Married 2 Schroeder 5 dogs
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Chris Schutzenhofer
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February 24, 1964 Electrician Committed Relationship 1 two dogs
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Shelly Sims (Pilch)
Senior Buyer Married 2 Pilch yes - too many :)
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Kara Smith
March 08, 1964 LPN Single Again 2 Feeney Back in Illinois. Have 2 children, Mariah, 19, and Andrew, 13. Mariah is starting her second year at SIU-E and working at Delia's and Victoria Secret and Andrew will be starting 8th grade at Collinsville Middle School and earned his First Degree Black Belt at Premiere Martial Arts in Collinsville on June 25, 2011!
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Mark Allen Smith
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July 31, 1964 Educator(Elementary Education) Single 2 rescues (my canine kids, Garbo and Gilligan) *moved back to Granite after years away
*teaching 20 years now(6 more and I retire with the U-HAUL packed for South Florida for good!!)
*remained active in theatre(acting and directing)
*community volunteering including cooking and serving homeless
*renewed spirituality and commitment to fitness
*trying to learn some of this technology, and boy am I challenged(It was so easier in '82 when my #2 pencil was all I end to end to delete!)
*learning some novice landscaping
*returned to get additional college hours beyond my Masters in Elementary Education and became certified in Gifted Education, as well.
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Steven Smith
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Profile picture
November 08, 1963 Entrepenuer/Buying/Selling Single Chelsea/ Basset OK, Retired July 2011 after 27 years of Army traveling and fun. Bought my first house(Swansea) and loving what I want to do with it, it's mine!!! Been everywhere settled for the MidWest. Go figure!! Need travel advice. Call me. Been there done that!! See everyone at the 30th!!!
Had a great time!  Everyone looked great!  Already looking forward to the 30th.  By then I'll try not to be so shy....  Save the next dance for me. Send Steven a MessageSend Steven a Message
Brian Sparks
Pressure Equipment Inspector @ WRB Refining, Roxana, IL. Married 3
I have been married to my wife Beth for 16yrs. and am active in the church. We had a new house built here in town 2 years ago. I coach soccer and baseball and do the normal honey do things around the house when I am not playing with the kids. We have 2 dogs and a cat. Send Brian a MessageSend Brian a Message
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